Free Resources and Gifts for American Caregivers

PS: If there’s a veteran in your care circle, see #7 below.

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This site provides 7 things to help caregivers like you:

Caregiver Care Kit 

Free Downloads

Resource Directory

Gift Packages

Conversation Forum


For Caregivers of Veterans

Caregiver Kit

Our Free Caregiver Kit includes 12 great helpers for caregivers.Includes the following, all of which will be delivered electronically via e-mail:

  • Prescription Discount Card
  • Ebooks
  • Caregiver Catalog
  • Family Caregiver Mobile App
  • Spa Day Coupon
  • Webinars on Caregivers
  • Financial Protection
  • Caregiver Consultation 
  • Caregiver Help Hotline
  • Video Pep Talks
  • Handout on Caregiver Resources
  • Monthly Caregiver Update

To get your care kit, simply fill out the form below.

Caregiver Resources Directory

We’ve built a directory of thousands of agencies, organizations, retailers, and
service providers that can help you in your caregiver role. Many of the
retailers provide discounts to caregivers.

Caregiver Gift Packages

Is there a caregiver in your life that you’d like to honor with a gift package?   Take a look at our caregiver gifts, all reasonably priced. 100% of our profits are donated to a 501(c)(3) charity providing care for senior veterans.

Click HERE to go to the gift package page.

Caregiver Communication Forum

This is where thousands of caregivers like you can meet to talk, to ask
questions, to get answers. Will be organized by region and by topic, to save
your busy time.

Coming soon!

Connections for Caregivers

Here’s a few of our favorite sites with great information for caregivers:

For Caregivers of Veterans

Did you know that 50% of men over 75 are veterans?  There are special needs, and special resources, when caring for a veteran or the spouse/widow of a veteran.   Please review the following documents, phone numbers and websites, all of which serve the veteran caregiver.

Preview the documents HERE or click on the title below:

Visit the following sites providing help for caregivers of veterans:

Are you interested in giving a set of dog tags to that special veteran in your life?  Go to, and use the discount code BLUESTAR for 5% off!

About Caregivers

From the National Alliance on Caregiving, and AARP:

  • There are about 44 million American caregivers. Of these, about 34 million are caring for an older adult.
  • 16 million are caring for someone with Alzheimer’s or dementia. 
  • 6 million are caring for a veteran.
  • The average caregiver is age 49.  Half of caregivers are between 18 and 48.  One third are aged 65 or older. 60% are female; 40% are male.
  • 42% of caregivers care for a parent, and 7% care for a grandparent.
  • The average caregiver spends 24 hours per week in care. One in four caregivers devotes 40 hours or more per week in care. The average caregiver fulfills that role for four years.
  • 75% of caregivers live within 20 minutes of the person they care for. However, an estimated 5+ million caregivers are “long distance” caregivers, living 400 or more miles away from the person they care for.

Whether you are old or young, male or female, close or long-distance, new to caregiving, or an old hand at it, this website is dedicated to you.

About Us

senior caregivers is a non-profit site dedicated to providing free resources and support to America’s caregivers. It is founded and supported by BlueStar SeniorTech, which provides aging-in-place technologies to help caregivers keep their loved one Safe, Healthy, and Connected.

BlueStar SeniorTech, based outside Washington DC, has provided services to thousands of American seniors, in all 50 states, since 2014. BlueStar is veteran-owned and operated, and has 14 generals and admirals from all services on its advisory board.

In addition to the BlueStar Caregivers site, BlueStar has established The BlueStar Senior Veterans Foundation. This is an IRS-approved 501(c)(3) public charity, which provides free aging-in-place services to deserving senior veterans and their spouses or widows. See

For more info about BlueStar here, click here.