About BlueStar Caregivers

BlueStarCaregivers.org is a non-profit site dedicated to providing free resources and support to America’s caregivers. It is founded and supported by BlueStar SeniorTech, which provides aging-in-place technologies to help caregivers keep their loved one Safe, Healthy, and Connected. Why are we doing this?  Because we are and have been caregivers, and we know how difficult it can be.  We wanted to search the industry for great information and benefits, and provide them to you in one simple location.

Our Mission: Safety Health Connection for all families.
Blue star banner

In World War Two the American government established a program to recognize those serving in uniform.  For each family member in uniform, the family would receive a Blue Star that it could hang in the window of the home, showing their sacrifice.  If that service member was killed in defense of the nation, the BlueStar would be replaced with a Gold Star.  16 million Americans served, so 16 million Blue Stars hung in homes across the nation.  And, sadly, 400,000 of those Blue Stars became Gold Stars.

Even today, many years later, we see Blue and Gold Stars hanging in homes and in workplaces. And we are reminded through organizations that still exist, such as Blue Star Highways, Blue Star Families, and Gold Star Mothers.

It is with that veteran background that our BlueStar HonorCare concept was founded.  It is built on three pillars: 

  • BlueStar Caregivers.  This is the non-profit site dedicated to giving great value and information to caregivers across America.   bluestarcaregivers.org
  • BlueStar Senior Veterans Foundation.   This is an IRS-approved 501(c)(3) public charity which provides aging-at-home technologies and services to deserving senior veterans and their spouses or widows.   bluestarseniorveterans.org
  • BlueStar SeniorTech.   This company provides technologies to help keep American seniors Safe, Healthy, and Connected in their homes as they age.   We give seniors freedom and independence, and give peace of mind to their adult children.  BlueStar SeniorTech has thousands of customers across all 50 states.   bluestarseniortech.com


BlueStar SeniorTech is located just outside Washington, DC, and was originally incorporated in 2013.  We are owned and operated by veterans, and approved by the Veterans Administration as a Service-Disabled-Veteran-Owned Small Business (SDVOSB).  Our CEO and COO are both retired two-star admirals, and our Board of Advisors has 14 generals and admirals from the Army, Air Force, Marines, and Navy, all led by a former Undersecretary of Defense.   We have an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau.